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That's the Team

We are a young, energetic, and intercultural team consisting of people from Germany, Moldova, India, and Turkey.



Besides my two Master's in International Management and Finance, I am highly interested in new technologies and their application in business. Therefore I am more than excited to use the newest technology to deliver highly individual services for our customers. As the ideator of Finalaize, I am looking forward to help your customers to become more successful in their daily work life.

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As a linguistics graduate and a current psychology student, I've got a set of skills that make me a valid member of the Finalaize team. Day by day I am learning how to keep humans at the focus of everything I do and that creating a good product is just about going out and see what the real issues and people’s needs are.

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Thanks to my bachelor and masters in International Business, I always have an interest in Marketing since it is one of the most powerful tools to improve an idea by spreading it among people. With Finalaize, I have the pleasure to support our team to deliver our business as much as people we can, so that everyone can benefit from our service to improve their skills.

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I am a master student at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. My curiosity about applying AI to new areas made me join Finalaize. Making formerly restricted knowledge and feedback accessible to everyone and thereby helping people to gain more self-confidence is simply an amazing feeling and it keeps me going every single day.

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Our Vision

We want to make you more successful in the new digital working environment. Therefore, we develop tools that will help you learn more about your digital skills and give you the opportunity to improve.

Finalaize brings authority and strength to everyone operating in the new digital working environment by analyzing your virtual skills individually. We are, therefore, dedicated to the highest quality of career acceleration services delivered with boldness, energy, and authority.

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